Jeff Swarr is a former assistant coach, a great friend and a tremendous teacher of the mental game. He taught our players and myself at Franklin and Marshall the value of training the mental side of baseball and it is something that made a HUGE difference in my coaching techniques and our players’ personal development.
— Brett Boretti, Head Baseball Coach, Columbia University, Ivy League Champions 2008, 2013, 2014, 2015
Mr. Swarr has had a dynamic impact on our softball program. His leadership and training has not only improved the individual players and our overall culture of the program, but it has also made me a better coach overall. Everyone works on batting practice and fielding drills, but at the Division III level in particular, the mental training component is too often overlooked and underemphasized. We are lucky to have Mr. Swarr close by and fortunate to have the ability to bring in the benefits of his mental conditioning program to the team. In the fall of 2014 when I brought Mr. Swarr in to start working with YCP Softball to build a championship culture and instill a daily commitment to excellence, we had come off a 14-26-1 spring season. After working with the squad for just 8 sessions, the team posted a successful 23-19 record with a number of hallmark wins, including a 5-2 win over nationally ranked Christopher Newport University. YCP Softball is fully bought in and committed to the overall process and we look forward to the continued investment of building on our habits, strategies and focus to develop the Heart of a Champion in each of our student-athletes that they will use in all aspects of their daily lives. This investment will not only continue to develop better softball players, but more importantly, these players will become prepared, productive and successful citizens for life after the game! This is the product we gain through Mr. Swarr’s leadership and training. Thank you Mr. Swarr, you are and always will be a member of our YCP Softball Family of Competitors!
— Jen Petteys, Head Softball Coach, York College of Pennsylvania
Coach Swarr helped reset my focus on what is truly important in teaching and coaching. His presentation energized me and my team to Transform and change the culture of our program. That is my yearly word, to Transform my approach to Teaching and Coaching. Jeff helped me and my team to begin our TRANSFORMATION!!
— Chris Weidner, Head Baseball Coach, Eastern Lebanon County High School
I just wanted to thank you for coming to share your message with our leadership team. Your references to the ‘heart’ really resonated with our leaders. Whether it’s the ‘heart’ of a competitor or the ‘heart’ of a leader, it has to be where you start, and that message really hit home with our group. I received several comments after your talk about how people were moved by your mantras for success. They also were moved by your discussion on mindfulness and adversity as an advantage. All of your messages were great but it was your delivery that drove it all home. You did an exceptional job of infusing humor and great stories that kept our leaders intensely engaged. We already have plans for how to carry your messaging forward and incorporate it into how we lead. Thanks again for helping to take our leaders to the next level!
— Teri Swopeshussler, Vice President of Operations, Core Source (Northeast)
The impact that Jeff Swarr has had on our softball academy at Spooky Nook Sports is immeasurable. He works with our 14U-18U teams once per week in the off-season and the gains they make during this time are incredible. Coach Swarr commands a classroom very well and has great engagement with his students. Our athletes leave his sessions feeling refreshed and with renewed confidence in themselves and their team. This translates very quickly to the softball field and is something that we are proud to offer with our softball program.
— Christina Aulbach, Director of Softball, Spooky Nook Sports
Coach Swarr came in to our Lincoln University Baseball family with great ideas to get us thinking about how to be good players, teammates, and of course competitors. His analogies made us become one in the building process of our season. The team and I have used this mantra of “building” and are understanding how the process can work to our advantage. His energy, words, and ideas really helped us all look inside and find the Heart of a Competitor within the group. We still use his concepts today and I can’t be more happy with the product so far.
— Anthony Pla', Head Baseball Coach, Lincoln University
Coach Swarr provided our team with a method to focus on the competition. The results of coach Swarr’s message were immediate and obvious for us. We did not have a girl win an overall race in several years. Coach Swarr talked to our team and provided positive tools for overcoming mental obstacles. The next 2 races or runners not only won the races, but our girls finished 1-2-3 in each of the next 2 races.
— Mike Hershberger, Head Coach, Ephrata Cross Country
As the iconic slogan suggests, “A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste.” Let me also add…so is the heart! So often coaches, competitors, and parents believe physical abilities alone can propel an athlete to the top. Thankfully there are men like Coach Swarr that truly understand it is a melding of mind, body, and soul that leads to greatness. My son, an avid baseball player with some God-given talent, has struggled with confidence, strength of mind, and desire of the heart. After two seasons working with Coach Swarr at Spooky Nook Sports I have noticed a consistent and profound growth and these areas. This past Fall was his best ever and it is in direct correlation to the mental and “Heart of a Competitor” training he received from Coach Swarr. Jeff has a great rapport with the athletes and is a skilled communicator. And furthermore he is a quality human being that, as a parent, you love to have as a positive influence on your child. Well done, Coach…keep up the great work!
— Mark C. Hinkle, Former wrestling & baseball coach, Proud baseball Dad
Mr. Swarr’s message about the Heart of a Competitor to student-athletes is engaging and thought provoking. The room buzzed with interesting discussion even after the session was complete. Many of the student-athletes took ideas back to their teams, but also looked how to make personal changes to enhance their lives
— Austen Hannis, CMAA, Athletic Director, Lancaster Country Day School